Know our history




On May 24, Pietro Magro opens a small workshop that brings his surname to Villa di Tirano, in the heart of Valtellina.

Years '25-'55

First generation

Pietro Magro in his laboratory builds barrels, wooden carts and hydraulic presses for the wine sector, combining the work of blacksmith with that of carpenter.

Years '55-'90

Second generation

The 2nd generation transforms the small laboratory into a workshop specializing in the construction of winches and cableways and purchasing the first machine tools. In the 1980s the construction of spare parts led Fratelli Magro to be the reference point in the territory for the repair of operating and industrial machines.

Years '90-2015

Third generation

The 3td generation strengthens the inherited machine tool park by purchasing the first numerical control centers. The experience of spare parts manufacturers is enhanced and becomes the opportunity to enter the precision mechanics sector.

Years 2015 - Today

Fourth generation

The 4th generation is entering the company to collaborate with the third generation in the introduction of 4.0 technologies. The common goal of the two generations is to keep Fratelli Magro constantly aligned to new market demands and to enhance the experience gained over the one hundred year history of the company.