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We were born in 1923. We have learned about mechanical processing. Today we propose ourselves as a technological partner to produce mechanical components and special machines according to the customer's requests.

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The flexibility of the production department allows the creation of prototypes, small lots or series of mechanical parts requested by the customer. The components produced by Fratelli Magro are intended for different industrial sectors, in the areas where it is possible to apply the principles of precision mechanics.

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Environmental sustainability

Our commitment to the environment.

Photovoltaic system

Photovoltaic system

Installed in 2008, the photovoltaic system produces 100,000 kW/h which helps to avoid the emission of 53 tons of CO2 per year.

geothermal plant

geothermal plant

The 260 kW geothermal plant guarantees the heating and cooling of the entire production facility. Since 2018, the plant has replaced the traditional gas and oil heating systems.

Lighting system

Lighting system

In 2022, the lighting system of the production areas was replaced with LED lamps which guarantee greater lighting in the face of energy savings.

Our partner

To guarantee you a better service, we forge new partnerships with the big names in the sector.


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