Processes to support the production cycle

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For the preparation of the material several automatic saws are used. The handling of material, blanks or finished pieces is possible with a maximum weight of 10 tons. The operators have specific equipment, such as drills and sharpening, that are used to support the productive process. Those tools are used mostly in the milling and turning departments.

This processing is carried out by the following categories of machinery:

screw screw

Cutting and handling


  • Band saw and circular saw
  • Jib crane up to 500kg
  • Overhead crane up to 10 tons


  • ADIGE circular saw
  • Aut. FMB Major band saw
  • Aut. FMB Polaris band saw
  • FMB Zeuss band saw
  • OPUS 400 vertical band saw
  • DONATI jib crane
  • SICC overhead crane
screw screw



  • Sinker EDM
  • Sharpeners and drillers are used as support during the production process


  • Radial drilling machine HELLER RB50
  • N°2 column drilling machines SERMAC RAG20/22
  • Bench-top drill SERMAC RAG13
  • Manual column drill COVEMA
  • Column drill P.G.M.
  • RIDGID 1224 threading machine
  • APE 60 sharpening
  • Drilling machine mounted on electromagnetic stand with round base, having up to 32 mm diameter drilling capacity