Thermic and superficial treatments

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The productive department is valorised with the presence of an inductive hardening and furnaces for the thermic treatment of the pieces. It also has several sandblasters for the superficial treatment of the work pieces. Other treatments such us burnishing, chromium plating, phosphating, nickel coating, galvanizing and others, are accomplished by trusted partners.

This processing is carried out by the following categories of machinery:

screw screw

Thermic treatments


  • SAPE furnaces with max operating temperature of 1100°C and 1800x750x1400 dimensions
  • Inductive hardening with high frequency generator of 33Kwh


  • N° 5 SA.PE. furnaces of different dimensions
  • ANGELO PO furnace for the recovery process up to 270°
  • SIATEM TI180 inductive hardening
screw screw

Superficial treatments


  • Sandblasting


  • Shot blasting machine CARLO BANFI with rotary table
  • Shot blasting machine GUTMAN with rotary table
  • FERVI sandblasting